New Sirion Owner

Hello All,
My less than 100k Nissan broke down at a critical time. I had overseas guests arriving.
My boss lent me his daughters one litre Sirion promising me that it goes surprisingly well on the highway.
I was sceptical to say the least. I put new front tyres on it and off I went.
I live in south Western WA. The 400 km trip to Perth went well over the undulating terrain.
We did 720 km to Esperance on our first day.
Three people and luggage meant there was not a lot of spare room.
I can’t say what speed we sat on (in case my boss reads this). However we passed everything in front of us. The three trailer road trains took a bit of planning to pass.
We did over 2500 km in the next week.
I was impressed enough that I went out and bought a Sirion Gtvi.
It did not have aircon. The owner had all of the aircon components from a one litre. I could not find how to fit the drive belts etc as the extra cylinder on the Gtvi means much less space in the engine bay.
One of my work colleagues saw another Gtvi advertised in Perth with aircon. It was the right price and after some negotiation and a test drive. I bought it.
It’s an automatic and I have to pick it up from my friends house before I can tell you what it’s like.


Nice score. Welcome. I had a low opinion of Sirions. To me “donar car for other models”. First one I bought was clapped out 997cc and was for parting out. It could barely haul itself up on the car trailer. Then a friend brought a GTVI by for an exhuast fix. He raved and said I should go for a drive. Wow, I’d be hard up now to think of a better value used car. I’m a picking guy, but one could live with one of these on a daily basis, with the only caveat being a desire to lower the driver’s seat 20mm.

Welcome Whitworth,
I love that english name you have chosen. I dare say some of the younger people may not know what whitworth is.
I have never owned a sirion but i myself have used quite a few sirion parts also. They are perfect for donor car’s and like most daihatsu’s are underestimated by most people. Everyone that i have known that has owned one is very happy with them in both the 3 cyl and 4cyl versions for various reasons.

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I am well over Six feet tall and it’s a bit of a tight squeeze getting inside. I am considering moving the drivers seat rearwards by about two inches.
I bet the exhaust repairs are the rear tailpipe over the rear axle? Both of mine where quite rotten. While the tailpipe and muffler seem quite Ok.

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Thankyou. If you had told me I would be driving a 220000km fifteen year old Japanese microcar that cost me $750.00 two months ago I would have laughed at you.
I have done almost 5000km in that time. Almost all at highway speeds.
Nearest town is 50 km Next major town is 200km. Home is 335km. The city is 570km.
I have repaired the exhaust tailpipe put new spark plugs in. Changed the oil and filter. And installed a lightbar. It really likes to rev almost as hard as a motorcycle. The only thing that has not lasted well is the suspension. Our shockingly bad highways have the Sirion bouncing quite badly at times.
Definitely need to upgrade that.


Thanks for the greeting

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Hello and welcome to the forum, it’s actually surprising how much get up and go most Dais have when you actually drive one :wink:

Yes the “up and over” was done for.

I’m just on 6’. All my cars have had the steering wheel moved rearward quite a bit. My Subaru I’ve modified the seat height adjust to get me a bit lower. But on the Daihatsu I pulled the seat squab out, removed the fabric and moulded the open cell foam with an electric bread knike giving it better shape. So lowered 20 odd mm (my squab has not springs and was mouled foam from factory) it gave a better driving position and more “Recaro feel”. To put the “C” type fabric retainers back on I use a combinatin of fence wire clips (have a C shape and fencing pliers close them over just like factroy) and zip ties. Was able to get the fabric cover to pull in and down to the new shape so it looked like factory.

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@Mr_Gormsby the fencing c clip’s are exactly what the auto trimmers use. My Mother inlaw confirmed it and honestly they are a pain in the arse. Zipt ties are ten times easier and just as long lasting and easier to take off again If needed.

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Yes both the one litre and the 1.3 are surprisingly nimble.
I am very happy I bought the 1.3. It enables me to pass the big road trains with ease.
The one litre took a bit more planning