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@FrAsErTaG I am having problems with the message function. Im not sure if its a problem with the update, or if its an OS problem with my phone.

  1. When the text box is full and I continue writing, I cant scroll down to read what I have written. Normal posts work fine, only messanger displays this symptom.
  2. To send a message I have to type the message, press the enter key on the keypad then press the send button in the top right.
    When I press only the enter key, the message shows in the message feed, but does not make it to the recipient.
    When I press only the send button without pressing the enter key first the website freezes and the message doesn’t send.
    My phone is not the newest, so there is the possibility it could be an OS problem, I just wanted to check, maybe other users are having similar problems?
    I have tried changing the forum layout back to the old black version, but it did not help.

Otherwise everything else is working great and awesome, really appreciate the work you put in :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mick thanks for the heads up.
This has been resolved :slight_smile:

Im still having problems with messanger, It could be my shitty phone though… As described above with pressing the send key without pressing enter first, this time when the website froze and I refreshed I got this:

I will try it on another Android phone when I get the chance and see if its only isolated to my phone.