New to forum

Hello from NZ. Just joined the forum. I have two Daihatsu’s, a M301 Sirion race car and a L700 Mira with a K3 engine swap. Both in active use. Looking forward to using and participating in the forum


Welcome DeeCee. Love to see some pics of your L7 and Sirion. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Do you have some pictures? Not much M3’s on the forum

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Where do I post the pictures ?

Or do I just reply to your post ?


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Photos of the Sirion:

Car has a 3SZ installed, gaz shocks, race brake pads, exhaust header and bigger bore exhaust

Strip out is in progress, front doors and windows to do.

Car is in its second season.

The series has 12 car at present of which 5 are in progress, 7 are racing.


Mira L700 photos:

Modifications to date:

Sirion K3 engine transplant
Low ratio diff
Larger front sway bar
Larger Sirion disc rotors and calipers
Exhaust header
Pod filter
K3-VE ECU (allows for higher revs)

Overall very responsive to drive and sounds great.

Mods to come
Gaz shocks

The car is fitted out with a bucket seat for track days. otherwise back to OEm as is used as a daily drive.


I love the M300 It looks so good ! I guess you race in the same series with Tim an Patrick from Compact Motorsport?


That’s correct, in fact my Sirion was the second series car to start competing


Both great cars. So good to see.

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Looks awesome!