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Hey guys my names zephyr and bought a 850cc 4 speed l200 mira about 2 weeks ago and wanting to make it go and look abit faster, here’s some photos of the beast at the moment haven’t done anything to it yet was all last owners amazing work and choices to get it looking pretty I’ll add some more photos hopefully this weekend just haven’t really gotten around to taking proper photos yet but it has lepard print door cards and a pink steering wheel on interior not really wanting to do much to interior other then gauges painting dash and what not and maybe seats ( also gatta get roof lining sorted in leopard print too as it hasn’t got any lining yet (this car was ment to be specifically a daily when I bought it as well but that changed quickly after having so much fun even driving at 60 in the little thing so now I’m hooked and fixing up my r31 to daily while I pull this off the road to be a little demon)

Looking in the future to do a body kit and possibly learn to paint with it being my canvice obviously would love a big ducktail on it which I’ll either make out of sheet metal or possibly try retro fit one off another car if I find one cheap and eventually try find a second pair of wheels so I can change over when I get bored of these ones

Wanting to do engine swap would love to put a 660cc turbo in it but pointing more to a ejde turboed now as there easier and cheaper to find but I’ll figure that out once I get it to other then that will most likely just make it look and sound cool with turbo noises and stuff


Also to add onto this if anyone knows of any body kit parts that can be fitted to these show me some photos and what there off wanting a ducktail side skirts and a front lip to make it look abit lower then it is as wheel arch hasn’t got much more to go down and I can still fit my foot under the body😢

If your going to put an ejde in it then don’t turbo it unless your putting in an aftermarket ecu otherwise they go pop. You could go the Frankenstein route and put an efel head on it and turbo that. Just requires fuel management of some sort but I have seen it all done manually also.
If it hasn’t already then a 1.75 inch exhaust system is great for an 850cc or 2 inch if going turbo. Many little things can be done before changing an engine. But what is the car for a daily driver? A weekend driver with some nice looking stuff (spoiler’s, sideskirts etc). Weekend track car?

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Welcome. Look at some M100 Sirion side skirts they go close to fitting with minimal mods.


@ evilhighway thank you for your response and I did look into elef head but can’t find a wrecking one and also single cam just like the look of twin better and I want it as a daily mostly but maybe take to a couple of track days just for abit of fun I don’t want it having massive power or anything just wanna be able to beat a couple mopeds and be zippy in the corners.

And thank you also @mr gromsby I’ll look into it see if I can find something nice

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