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Hi all!

My Girlfriend and brought our first car, a 2001 L701 Daihatsu Cuore and are completely in love with it. For me it started when watching the first MCM video’s about 11 years ago, now we finally have one. Benjamin.

It is in OK’ish condition, has some rust, rough spots and an exhaust that is slowly rotting away. But it makes up for it with the amazing look, visibility and drivability.

I have been working on bikes since a young age and really want to learn how to work on cars now we have L701. It needs new rims, tires, exhaust, door is loosegoosy, powerstearing???, seats, hugs and prayers.
We are far from mechanics, first thing we brought where second hand wheels and we are afraid that they already don’t fit. 165/65/14 looks monstrous next to car.

You will probably see me asking the most ridiculous questions here to hopefully eventually learn to work on daihatsu’s.

Thanks already for the great amount of information and inspiration you have given!!

Kinds Regards.


Hi and welcome to Livetodai! We have our own L7 club in the Netherlands, you can join on Facebook if you’d like :slight_smile: . If I may suggest so, you can also check out my topic about ‘The Blyatsu’. I did a lot of documenting on my ‘build’ from start to… well definitely not finish :joy:

Also, here’s what 165/65/14 looks like:

Yeah, a real monstertruck. Also slow as hell.
In my opinion/experience, the best sizes are 165/55/13 (kinda stock size, feels nice and quick), or 165/55/14 (often a bit slower, but looks nicer). Feel free to ask anything here on the forum!


Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

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Haha monster truck indeed! Thanks for info, will definitely get a new setup :wink: Im looking for 13 inches or 14 inches but so far no luck probably because I’m on a budget. Found some Melber ‘honinggraat’ rims 13x6j, but 4x101,6 unfortunately. Your combination looks nice and solid!
Had a blast reading about your build, nice work :+1:

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Thank you :smile:

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Welkom! Remember, there are (almost) no stupid questions!


Dutch are taking over haha