New to the Daihatsu life

Hi, I recently got a Daihatsu Move L600 from 1997. :smile:
Love the quirkiness of it.
It has some small issues age related, but the rest is perfect.
It has 81k km on the clock and its the 847cc engine.
Is there a Daihatsu community in Portugal?
I have been looking around for a digital service manual in English, anywhere I can find one?
Thank you!


Welcome! Once you have posted a bit you will be able to access the workshop manual area of the forum. There should be one there for the l600 or l500 (they are very similar).

What plans do you have for the bus?

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[quote=“MadTkas, post:1, topic:6689”]…Is there a Daihatsu community in Portugal?..
…I have been looking around for a digital service manual in English…
[/quote]I don’t think that there are any Portuguese members here. Perhaps because Daihatsu wasn’t a popular brand there? Besides obvious English speakers, there are mainly Dutch and very few Germans here. I’m one of those English speakers who’s now located in Germany. I have an entire service manual for an L601 in German (I couldn’t find one in English) of which I’m positive that yours is also one of those and not an L600. I have absolutely no problem with posting any needed page and can translate whatever you require.
Lucky for you, properly-dimensioned tyres are more readilly available in both Spain and Portugal, because a few smaller European brands were marketed there, bearing your and my tyre size (I own that exact MOVE resembling what you have).
Feel free to start your own diary thread. There will be certain issues that are urgent to deal with, after having acquired one of those Cuore/MOVEs.
Having so little rust, you likely reside further inland, because of your L6 not bearing the usual rust damage typical of vehicles located on the Atlantic coast line.
I’ve never seen one rust where the yellow arrow points. Most of them start rusting where the other arrow points