New to the Forum, oldie to Dai

Hi everyone.

Hi from Brisbane! My very first car was a brand new 2002 L700. Gave it to my Sister then on to My Nephew. Now who knows where it is. Had a few sports cars and now have gone full circle. I’m restoring a Suzuki Cappuccino and bought another L700 to be my daily. The L700 needs a little bit of work but not a lot.

Looking forward to reading some wonderful Daihatsu journeys.



Welcome. Please post some pics of your L700. Great machine. There’s quite a big following here on the forum for SEQ

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Welcome to livetodai as Mr G said there is a pretty big following of dai’s in SE Queensland. A cappa and an L700 very nice cars the both of them. Love to see a pic or 2 and also progress on how they come along.

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