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Hello all. I am the proud owner of a 1997 Mira TRXX Avanzato R4. I came across this little gem just 5 days ago knowing very little about it other than it was cool looking and fun on the test drive. It has about 122k on the dash and is in great shape for the age of it. I get looks and comments on it everywhere I go.
I am here hoping to get some help on finding the right/comparable parts for this thing. Being in the states there is very little info or support on the parts I need for it. Stuff like shocks and struts, all of the rubber underneath needs replaced, belts, brakes, or even an air filter. It has been a chore but I do have some OEM part numbers but I am finding that cross referencing them pulls very little results unless I want to order everything from Japan. Any help would be appreciated. Anyways, going to go look at some topics here. Looking forward to meeting some of y’all.


Nice! I’ve just got one myself a couple weeks ago, finding info has definitely been a challenge, and I don’t really have an answer yet for parts. There’s a guy in Malaysia who ships parts out who I’ve heard is reputable, you can find him on Facebook at NMF Garage.

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Nik is also a member here but not as active as FB

Welcome to live to dai forums,
That is a beautiful trxx L500. Is it the 2 or 4wd drive model?
@NikMF mentioned above is in Malaysia and they can source many compatible parts as they have Perodua which is pretty much Daihatsu in Malaysia. Nik is someone reliable and trusted by many people in Australia. There have been quite a few Malaysian suppliers in the past (and currently) that are not so trustworthy and reputable. I personally have not purchased through Nik as I haven’t need to but many people have.

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It is an AWD turbo 4 (L512S) but for some reason the drive shaft to the rear diff has been removed. Not sure if it just failed and they did not replace it or if the removed it for better gas mileage or less weight? Doesn’t seem to be any weird noises come from the rear… But again I am new to this car.


That’s kinda weird, not sure how easy it would be to source a driveshaft? I also need to find a new air and fuel filter, but am not aware of anything stateside that is compatible. I live close to a Summit racing store, I might just order a few miscellaneous fuel filters that have similar dimensions and hope one fits. As for air filters I’d really like to go with a pod filter; KC technica in Japan has a really nice one, but it’s probably cheaper to DIY one.

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Didn’t you say yours is a R4 as well? If so a few pics of the drive shaft would be a ton of help. Maybe even a part number if possible. As fast as an air filter I may just diy something. I can get pretty creative at times. I also would like to keep this as stock looking as possible, so idk which way to go. I know the OEM part number is 17801-87216 and have seen a cross reference of part number A734J… But when trying to source them it’s either in JP, AU, or RU and the shipping cost is just nuts.

Wow. What a great find. Looks amazing.

Concerning the missing driveshaft I would expect a lack of drive in some circumstances as the rear is viscous actuated and without a connection it would feel like an auto boxing slipping (I think).

A big welcome though and looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

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Thank you. And forgive my idiocy as I am not sure what you mean by viscous actuated. Meaning the rear only drives if the fronts are slipping? I have a lot to learn.

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Yes. I believe the rear only drives when the front slips. Look at the RH drive shaft it should go into a “jackshaft” viscous unit that the front section of the tailshaft goes into. Drive shafts left to right will look about the same length. If there is no jackshaft the RH shaft will be longer than the left. 2wd TRXX uses a jackshaft actuated viscous lsd. Some have just the the jackshaft and not lsd. The reason being having the same length drive shaft at the front makes power delivery more equal left to right. A long driveshaft can twist more than the short one on the other side and you get some torque steer. So a 2wd and 4wd gearbox are the same save for an external jackshaft and on the inside the diff center has a dog drive (square teeth) on the rhs that power comes off from and into the jackshaft thingy.

Thanks for mentioning @evilhighway , yes i’m not too active here because focusing on FB for my page NMF Garage.

Usually it’s same here rear diff and driveshaft will removed due to failure and corrosion at diff.

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There’s been an R4 auctioned off on “Cars and Bids”, that listing has some under-body pictures. If you want any more pics or measurements I could get some next weekend when I get it up on a lift.

Thanks for the info. I was wanting to see what all was missing from mine… Wether just a driveshaft or carrier bearing etc. Part numbers would still be helpful though. It’s been very nice to meet you all. Looking forward to future fun.


Were you able to source any of the rubber underneath? I need it too!