New toy, new manufacturer

Hey there!!
I just picked up the green meanie, a 96 hard top.
Im just wondering how to id which motor is in it, the plate just says HD but there’s HD-E/E1/EG/EP in the efi engines, any clues to identifying it?
The little truck seems pretty tight overall, but is there anything specific i should keep an eye out for or any quirks i might find?

To clarify, im usually a suzuki/Toyota guy, first dai so far!!
Though a mate has a few terries ive done a bit of work on for him.

Cheers in advance!!


Looks great in Green. Thanks for sharing. And welcome.

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I suggest you change the oil in the transmission, hi/low shifter box, rear drive. Consider flushing the cooling system and replacing the coolant, along with changing belts and hoses, also flush and refill power steering, brake fluid. Check battery for corrosion and age and check electrolyte level.
Pull the wheels and check all the brakes. Make sure all the electrical devices work, such as electric windows, door locks and all the lights. Check the rear window defroster and wiper. Check the function of the front wheel lockers. Consider replacing all the tires if they are more than 10 years old.


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hey mate welcome,

Your feroza looks great!
They came out stock with a 1.3l hd engine if anything ever happens to that and you need to replace it you could fit a 1.3, 1.5 or 1.6 the engines are found in charade’s and the the 1.6 is from an applause. They are all “H” series engines.
Daihatsu while it is it’s own company it is sort of Toyota related.

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Cheers!! The bonnet wrap is peeling so ill see what the paint is like underneath, awful is my guess though!!

Cheers! This has the 1.6 and i don’t think id go any smaller.

Any idea how to identify, or even what the other codes listed mean?

Cheers gonzo,but the tyres are new and servicing isn’t a problem, just looking for quirks of these vehicles in particular. Cheers for the message though!

Oh, and does anybody know what diesel motors were in the uk fourtrak version and if they’re able to be found and fitted here in aus?

Maybe this has been covered and my search failed, my phone is very glitchy and due replacement!

Im currently putting an Xud9te from a Peugeot 405 in a 97 swb vitara, and a 1hz in my factory 3f ute, so im not afraid of welding or mechanics!

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Ah, maybe scratch the fourtrak engine question, I’ve just realised the feroza is smaller, does anybody know if there’s a diesel motor that can be used in the f300 feroza?

-i run wvo when i can as I’ve got lots of it and do a fair bit of driving!

Nobody running a diesel feroza?

Try looking for a rocky… It’s the same car but it has the diesel engine.
But i don’t know if that’s the case everywhere.

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There is a diesel Rocky, tho not too many here in USA. I think they are a 2.8 Liter engine (not completely sure).

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Does anybody know what weight and quantity of silicone oil the feroza fan clutch needs?

Mine seems to be operating backwards, ie free spinning when hot, reasonable resistance when cool, pretty odd!!

I recently flushed out the old stuff and put 36ml of 10,000mm2/s in but it’s exactly the same.
The bimetallic spring operates as it should and the valves move with it.

Pretty stumped to be honest!!

If i really have to replace it i will, but id prefer to know what the failure is for next time!

The issue may not be oil but worn viscous discs. Fairly special oil.

Well done on attempting to fix it. Very curious to see how it works out

Yep, difficult stuff to find, i got it from Toyota in the end!
I repair anything and everything I can.
I don’t throw much away!

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