New toys 1995 dia feroza

Hey guys a bought a feroza about a month ago bit of a story behind it, got it from a second hand dealer with a full road worthy and a agreement to fix a whistle sound coming from tailpipe. Turns out after getting it home that it had a vacuum seal problem somewhere that caused the noise due to a dodgy roadworthy by the guy, long story short he paid a local mechanic to fix it for around 2k as the wheels were about to fall off hahahaha so we have now I’m hooked on playing fix ups… soooo been told you can swap out the motor for a saab awd, loose the 4wd but gain awd and it fits straight in? Any thoughts ??


Hello and welcome to the forum.

I haven’t heard about this conversion but it sounds fun

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welcome to the forum mate. I have heard of a few conversions before never this one though. If you do it would love to see a build thread. It would be pretty dam cool I think.

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Hi Chris A big Dai welcome. Keen to see and hear more. I’ve not heard of the SAAB awd swap. You’ve got a big space there and maybe some equip to help with such a conversion? Would love to (but will never get to it) loose the 4wd in my BT50 for AWD as the thing sucks on the road with no weight in the back and is quite tail happy. If you’ve got fab skills, reason to need awd and the facilities, go for it.

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