New yrv turbo owner from uk

Hey guys just bought a yrv turbo that’s in need of a little tidying and has a rattle from cold that quietens as it warms likely to be the dvvt or chains?

If anyone could point me to a workshop manual I’d appreciate it and any places for parts standard/ performance that ship to the UK.

Glad I found my way here looks like binge reading time.

Thanks in advance.



I’m not sure re the rattle, have you done simple things like checking oil level first?

There is a YRV manual on here somewhere I’m sure, someone will be along shortly to assist.

Re parts, I’m also in the UK and it can be difficult to get domestically. Toyota dealers are a good (if expensive) source of shared parts, for a YRV I think a lot of mechanical stuff is shared with the P1 Yaris/Vitz IIRC.

A good overseas source of parts is Genuine Japanese Car Part Imports - Amayama - you’ll need to find the corresponding Toyota version of the car though. their diagrams are extremely useful though!

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Cheers for the reply, yeah I serviced it as soon as I got it home gearbox too just waiting on a filter for the box then il do that again.

It’s a weird rattle, it’s not lifter/cam noise and doesn’t sound like it’s coming from the pulleys , it’s a loose rattle with no real rhythm, gonna pull the belt off tomorrow to rule the pulleys out for sure, pretty sure its not them though.

Will give that site a look at thanks

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Welcome, if you would please throw a pic and short intro up onto the “All new people” thread.

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welcome mate Good to see more yrv’s around lately. I have a N/A one as a daily and I also get that rattle and hearing from quite a few others it sound like it’s a common thing for the k3. I was putting it down to a lazy oil pump that takes a little bit to get the oil everywhere and up to pressure. Very well could be the timing belt or tensioner though.

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Welcome. I would love to see some pics :slight_smile:

What else are you going to do to tidy it up?

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I’ll get some pictures up on the weekend, the rears of the sills and one rear arch needs welding so will be doing that and it has scratches dents faded pain etc so I’ll be sorting that and spraying it misses wants it’s yellow and it’s yellow so atleast I don’t have to do the door jams etc as they are in good nick.

Want to lower it and get some decent wheels, only coilovers I can find are a grand so I’m still undecided, I’d like to build the engine/box but not sure what I can and can’t get hold of at the moment, just want it generally tidy for the misses to mooch about in more than anything though.

Pretty sure its leaking oil from the timing cover near the firewall, hard to tell as the belts flicked it everywhere, any idea if I gotta pull the engine to get at it, it looks like I’m going to have to, looks like the alternator has been sprayed gloss black lol


This week I did a few bits.

Changed post cat o2 as It was popping a code for low voltage

Swapped out the map for new

Put in a new set of plugs

Swapped the old cone filter as it was stinking dirty and realised the vac feed was just tucked away sorted that so it’s drawing filtered air

Soldered up a ton of pin holes in the coolant return from the turbo, they’d put a piece of shrink wrap around it but it was weeping, I’m going to have to get one made up though as that pipes ready to let go

Transmission filter finally got here and I have coolant temp, pre cat o2 and a rocker cover gasket on the way, will be getting an exhaust made up this week

Off out shortly to pull the iacv and give that a clean as the idle has been slowly getting lower and isn’t far off stalling, will get a couple pics while I’m on.

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You can get brand new IACVs for these engines from aliexpress for ~£15 delivered. I’ve bought two which are both fully working.

Part number 22270-97401.


Bit later than I meant to, currently got the injectors put gave them a clean but all the o rings are split so waiting on new

Cheers for the iacv link got one on the way


Nice to see it’s got original side decals with the black fog light surrounds and the red Daihatsu badges. Also the twin exhaust.


It won’t for long sadly, the pictures make it look far better than it is, and the exhaust has already been cut and welded and is blowing at the welds, whoever cut the cat out did a good job welding a stainless downpipe on though.