Newbie, 2002 Cuore party

Hi all :slight_smile:,

Im from the Netherlands. I recently bought a 2002 Daihatsu Cuore party from an eldery couple. It currently has around 100.000 km’s on the clock.
The cuore has parking sensors and green metallic paint. Its my first diahatsu and the first km’s were so much fun in this little car :smile:

Any one knows a good place for parts in the Netherlands btw ? Looking for a nice subtle rear spoiler. Also i want to lower the cuore? Should i go for lowering springs? And how is the handling then ?

Here are some pics

Some imperfections here and there. But going to fix those later :sunglasses:


Welcome, love the l700

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Welcome! What makes it a party?

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welcome and that L7 looks great. There is a few member’s from the Netherland’s on here so hopefully someone speaks up about parts availability or places for them.

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It was a promo /discount model here in the Netherlands (im sure they have had models like this out of the NL) it discounted on all the luxury options like: parking sensors, tire pressure sensors, free metallic paint and chrome grill etc :slight_smile:

Its nothing special. But the cuore is also a party to drive in :tada: