Newbie from Brisbane

Hi guys. newbie here. Joined the group to learn about certain Daihatsu models as I am planning to swap a 3 cylinders Daihatsu engine to a mini. Please bear with me as I will be asking lots of questions.


hey mate welcome ,
This will be a cool project. I have often wondered about a dai engine in a Mini and if it would be worth it.


The amount of people that have called my L7 a fake mini :upside_down_face:

I wonder if the chassis of a Classic Mini is any lighter. Than an EJ would probably be fun!

If you want to be up and going quickly get an L700 Cuore and gut it for the loom, EJDE engine and drivetrain. Being in Brisbane there should still be a few around cheap - but be aware some have not had good servicing (ie poor oil change intervals if oil changed at all other than top ups). The EJDE will be the most available “modern” engine. The ED10 is two valve and 850cc and the EFEL is 16v 659cc sohc. These latter two would need a lot of work to get them anywhere near the EJ in its std form. Having seen K swapped Honda engines in minis and Project Binky Project Binky - Episode 1 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini - YouTube you could even go K3ve from a Sirion.


If this is of any help, Innocenti minis initially had Austin Mini drivetrains in them:

Later on, the series had factory production conversions, using Daihatsu drivetrains:

Some of the bits might be usefull for converting?

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