Newbie Here from Okinawa

Greetings form Okinawa - I’ve got a 2001 Daihatsu Naked/Non-Turbo - would like to get a Turbo and wanted to see if anyone knows which if any I should stay away from. I believe the Turbo versions of the Naked have a EF-DET and there are a few other cars that share the same engine but it looks like they have slightly different variations.

Anyway - I’ve been restoring it little by little and recently had it repainted Daihatsu Yellow, change the mirrors, added a Recaro bucket for the driver, lowered it, and 14" Watanabe rims with low profile Yokohama tires, oh and a Pioneer 2 DIN stereo with new Infinity 6" speakers in the front and Pioneer speakers in the rear…looks awesome but just doesn’t have a lot of pep.


Welcome to the forum,
We got very few Daihatsu Naked’s in Australia so I am not much of a help with knowledge with them. I do really like the look of them.
Do you have any pictures of yours? I am sure many of us would love to have a look.
Being in Japan I am sure you would have a big advantage in being able to source parts easier than most of us can.

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Welcome! Do you have any pictures?

Welcome. Looking forward to seeing some pics. The Naked is a rugged looking thing and would be a real standout in Australia.