Newbie with a G200

Hi all, looking at starting a small build thread of my little 1.3 litre G200 Charade. Have done quite abit to the small rarri since it was purchased and is now getting a new heart shortly. Has anyone done a 1.6 applause swap on their charade?

Will upload some photos and info along the way and hopefully have a good outcome.



Welcome DonkRarri,
Looking forward to your build thread. The 1.6 applause swap is a common swap and there should be plenty of info her and/or old daiforum which is read only now and there is a link to it in this forum. Just look for old daiform in the catergories.

Welcome. Some of the best recent info on the H series can be found within the thread on the G100 Hillclimb car. Looking forward to the pics. Evilhighway knows a lot more about the H series than me, so if he says check info in the old forum “go for it”.

Hi mate welcome, done a couple of HD swaps so any questions ask away.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: will be doing this also one day

only a touch more I dont know that much @Mr_Gormsby :slight_smile:

Welcome to L2D mate, look forward to reading your journey :slight_smile:

In case you where unaware you are able to upload photos directly from your smart phone when replying to posts so how about you give us all a look at your beast !! :+1:

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