Newly aquired sirion

Hi got a Sirion out of a scrap metal merchants yard (swapped him for a non going Astra piece of s**t ) got a gearbox from the wreckers ,new clutch kit few other little bits (total cost so far $450) she’s ready for blue slip. Have been after one for a couple of years now & holy crap for a small motor it really goes hard 60 in 1st 90 in 2nd 135 in 3rd haven’t top ended it yet need rego for that LOL. Will post pics soon cheers Snakemann.


Hey nice buy, did you get the 1.0L or 1.3L thats good speeed :slight_smile: my l251 only hits like 50 in first and 80 in 2nd havent tried 3rd yet but the fastest ive been in it is atleast 150-160 but im happy with how well it handles 120% stock.
Yes need pics soon

Welcom, sounds like you might have gotten a bargain :grinning:

yeah it’s the 989cc mighty racer & thats only going by the speedo ,it’s a 2001 dec build with 177000 on the clock .

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