Non-daihatsu gearboxes on k3vet


I will first introduce myself.
I’m melvin from the netherlands and i own this cuore l7 for a year and a half.
2 years ago i already mounted a turbo on the ej-de but when i found out what a k3vet can do i had changed my plans.

Now i bought a yrv turbo with a lot of rust damage and i took everything out of it that you could possibly need for the swap to the cuore preferably manual.
After I looked into it I saw that everyone looks at the possibilities of daihatsu only for a manual swap.

Now my question is, does the k3ve/k3vet fit a gearbox from for example a micra k11 1.3? Or a toyota starlet 1.3 or glanza? Maybe from a suzuki swift 1.3?
Or a honda civic 1.3?
From experience i know that a lot of japanese cars have a lot of similarities there should at least be something that fits?

Hello Melvinvh and welcome to the forum.
Looks like a great project you have there.
Gearbox wise I have no idea. I guess you are concerned about the weak gearbox’s that the k3’s have.
If you have the funds you could get a straight-cut gear set from Compact motorsport. They are NZ Based and @Patrick_Hart will probably know more than me if interested.
If not you will probably need to do a heap of research to find out.


[quote=“Melvinvh, post:1, topic:5729”]…a lot of japanese cars have a lot of similarities…[/quote]It would depend on if each manufacturer produces their own manual gearboxes or not. As far as fluid-coupled automatic gearboxes are concerned, AISIN builds either most of them or all, since it would be too expensive for each brand to build their own. Japanese manufacturers are known for being cooperative, between brands

Why do you want to go to all the hassle of fitting a box from another manufacturer?

Do you mean to first ask if you can get stronger boxes or better ratios? If so then yes to both of those, that fit into factory casing

My brother mames the best around for sure, if you want premium. Smoother than factory and heaps stronger and better ratios. There are some custom steps on the way up too


Contact Patrick Hart. Or if your pockets are super deep look at a Sadev box.