NS Motorsport

NS MotorSport is a Malaysian based company that deals in New and Secondhand Daihatsu parts ( along with others) and are happy to post to Australia :+1: :ok_hand:
The website doesn’t look bad at all, but they don’t list prices, you have to send them an email for final price including shipping.
I Haven’t bought from them myself but @Motherhatsu organised the dash clock in the topless for me and Highly Recommends Fong :smiley:

contact details:

NO.3 , Jalan Camah, Taman Johor,
81200 Johor Bahru,Johor , Malaysia.

GPS User search : Jalan Bekok
Waze User search : NS MOTORSPORT
Tel: +6 019-7523020 / +6 012-7523020
Fax: +6 07 –236 1494
Email: info@nsmotorsport.com.my


Yes, I’ve placed 3 orders now with Fong.

He’s quick to reply to emails, and quick to despatch orders. I would definitely recommend him. He handles several other makes of cars too, besides Dais.

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yup. ns motorsport is a great online store for us aussies.