NZ Detomaso engine parts wanted

My Detomaso needs a new crank, and I think Valve guides.
Smokes until warm, hence the valve guides (I assume, as the rings were done 10,000km ago by previous owner). If anyone in Kiwiland has - or knows of, a good crank please let me know
If it becomes too hard, it may be up for sale :frowning:
Cheers, John

The Applause, 1.6 Pyzar and Detomaso all share the same crank & bottom end. There is an Applause showing in Christchurch Pick-a-Part. Otherwise try mgc1 on Trademe.

I have a spare complete 1.3 that is partially disassembled if you just need some bits (like a cylinder head).

STA Autoparts sell cheap regrind sets (head gaskets and valve seals) - I have used several of these and they have been fine. They also do piston rings and bearing shells.

Don’t give up - the H-Series is easy enough to fix once you know how.


Thanks for the tips Jason,will persevere.
Fuel pump crapped out last night (away on holiday!).
The AA guy got it going by whacking the fuel tank with a large implement.
Do you know if the Applause and 1.6 Pyzar run the same pump? I assume it is in-tank.
Cheers, John

yes they do and yes it’s in tank

And yes it’s a pain in the ass to get out lol. You have to drop the tank out.


Thanks for replying Mokeman and Welby
On the subject of parts from other cars, do you know if the rear discs are compatible with any of those other models? Mine are quite worn with a decent lip. The standard handbrake function is OK (it passes warrants and holds well for parking).

Yep, Absolut crap of a job just for a pump. Seriously considering an access hatch of sorts for the day that mine craps out. Haha

pretty sure that people here use applause rear discs, not sure about NZ but we also got the G200 F2 which had 4 wheel disc with abs but none of the disc makers list rear rotors anymore.
@Vlblu, don’t be a sook :wink:

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Oh alright @Mokeman :P, perhaps it’s my recent experience with the fuel pump cause my bitterness haha.

As for the rear rotors, one of the guys posted the following picture on the daiforum Facebook page, which is a good resource for comparing factory sizes/compatibility. Unfortunately it doesn’t list any info for the rear g20x stuff but if you measure your current ones you might be able to find a compatible one on the list.

Hey Moke, my Detomaso does not have ABS.
JC mentioned an Applause at a local wrecker so might go suss it out, hell I might buy the whole darn thing they way my car is going!

Thanks man, those Applause rears are tempting.
I took some “on the car” measurements and they look damn close!


Yep what i know the Detomaso’s didn’t, sorry the f2’s are smileys but were the only ones as all others went rear drums just like the later model Applause. From reading other fb pages even the guys overseas use the Applause rear rotors on G100 GTTi’s and GTxx’s as same problem