Occasional knock/thud when clutch released

Hi all,

I’ve got a L7 which has developed a knock when releasing the clutch pedal. The clutch has been recently replaced by my mechanic with an Exedy kit, and I’m almost certain it did this to an extent immediately after replacement when engaging first. Now the knock has become obvious when putting around in first at a low speed and in between changing gears. Just curious as to whether anyone knows if a pilot bearing would’ve been included in the Exedy clutch kit, as I’m not certain this would’ve been inspected or replaced otherwise. I’m assuming this could be the culprit as engine mounts seem to be in reasonable condition and nothing seems to be visually suspect following a quick inspection.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Cheers :’)

It’s either the bearing that needs replacing or the clutch fork wasn’t lubricated on the fingers

same sort of thing has recently come up on the Livetodai facebook page, turned out the shaft from the gearbox was moving indicating a bearing had gone in the gearbox.

Maybe its just an engine mount? when you release the clutch the engine tips back, when a mount is damaged then you get a thud sometimes when you release the clutch, because the engine hits something

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I’ve had another good poke around. The front left mount which supports the trans seems a little worn but I don’t think it’s my issue. Got under the car with it running and I got someone to release the clutch in gear, was able to replicate the thud but it seems as if it’s coming from inside the transmission assembly and potentially where the LHS CV shaft is inserted. It may be the same issue which Mokeman has suggested. The car is seeping a bit of gear oil after the repair from the CV on the passenger side so potentially something is damaged or worn where the shaft is inserted causing the noise? I had these installed at the same time the clutch was replaced.

Thank you for the replies :’)

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Logged onto the forum for the first time in a while, it wound up being the beginnings of a shot wheel bearing.