Off to get a handivan :)

Off to get another handivan . This is no.2 in the stable :smiley:
It’s the Dr Jekyll to My Hyde sitting here already :slight_smile:

Going to be kept stock as possible, apart from brake upgrades and 15" rims


Its home. :slight_smile:
On another note, I’m thinking of making a duckboard and fit a winch to be able to transport daihatsu’s easily . If such a service is wanted, would charge about $50 - $60 for local Gold Coast stuff

OH, and it runs well, just has a few spots of rust in the usual spots that I’ve spotted so far, see more when it’s off the ute and I pull the carpet


I’m jelly. What brakes are you going to run?

It’s got stock discs at the moment, but looking thru the forum, I’ll def upgrade them. I’m going to run 15" rims with a 195/45/15 on them. Only 50mm bigger in diameter them the stock 12" tyres.

Any suggestions on what later model brakes are an easy conversion would be great.

Also, it just keep getting better, it had a spare passenger mirror that I removed the glass from an fitted it into my broken drivers mirror. Also had a spare stalk I needed for the other car and in the glove box with various other spares I found the knobs off the heater controls I needed :smiley:

The engine has heaps of compression and looks like its been looked after over the years. Starts so easily too :rofl::rofl: Seems like its going to be a great car to get back on the road. Needs a coat of paint, I’ll be using the same white I’m using on the other one . I want twins with one being mild and the other wild :sunglasses:


I’m thinking I might just restore this thing, just too good not to. Need to change the colour tho, apart from that most of the rest just needs a good clean to bring it back

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I have a spare Daihatsu grill badge.

Thanks for that, already have it tho, all the parts that’s are missing are in the back .

Haven’t got a screen by any chance ?? :smiley:

Yes I do but it’s in the car. Last time I tried to remove a windscreen it broke.

You can always sacrifice the rubber, Get a stanley knife and cat the top off or square to the screen , not saying you have to, just another way. I;ve got a perfectly good screen rubber

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Would it be possible to do a sirion or charade upgrade for the front and applause rear discs?

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