Official Bug Track Thread


This thread is here for posting issues with the site.

If you notice any issues please mention it here, you can help further by providing information about how the issue is occurring and how to reproduce it.


##Bug 1
Facebook login is only working against url

it is failing to work against

##Bug 2
Gmail login is working sporadically
Often returning erorr HTTP 500

I am reviewing the issue with facebook and will update when I have concluded the problem.

##Bug 3
Image uploading, whilst the limit has been increased from 3mb to 10mb we still receive error that file size is too large even when it is not.

This bug has been fixed, it was the reverse proxy limiting at 2mb, you should all now find image uploading works without drama under 10mb


##Bug 4

The new site is not found when searching for daihatsu forums on google.
The previous links to are now going to on google.

Issue has been identified, Google Crawl and Analytics have been recently setup and our site is collecting data and being indexed. We should be on the search results soon.

We are now showing up in Google results, we are on the first page when searching "Daihatsu Forum", not yet the first result but we will get there :)

We are now number one site when searching Daihatsu Forum on Google.

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Bug 5

The forum had a chat plugin which has been broken via the latest upgrade of the forum. The plugin is actively worked on however it is done via a small team that does so for free and are struggling for time at the moment. So we need to be patient whilst this gets resolved.

I did consider it being a nice function and downgrading to the previous software however a security vulnerability was patched in the most recent update and am not willing to risk our community to run this plugin. I will remove this bug when the upgrade is released and installed.

Update on the Chat issue.
There has been no official update to the plugin however there has been some work on a work around, the work around removes the ability to do emoticons within the chat. I am still looking into it and awaiting an update from the official devs but this may work as a temporary work around and will attempt during next upgrade.

An update on chat.

A fix has been issued to make chat work again however it does contain a small bug. This is an unofficial fix.

"When I click the Babble button, all the page’s content moves a few pixels to the right. Actually, clicking the Babble button makes my browser’s scrollbar (Firefox 55.0.3) disappear, however long the page may be.

Someone pointed out it made the footer disappear when he clicked Babble’s button – I can confirm this happens on my forum3 too."

Let me know your thoughts about enabling with above issue or we can continue to wait until an official update is available.