Official L2D Merchandise is now available from

Original L2D Merchandise page.

Support the group that supports the daihatsu community.

Where any profits go back to the running of the forum which was made for the dai community and any further things we can as funds become available.

(eg last year we did have and this year we will have some prizes and trophies for our track day in September).

This is only the beginning and our range and supply will increase as time goes on.

Thankyou you awesome Dai Peeps!!!

Because some people are not on facebook which I can totally understand. I will post the merchandise/products here and if there is anything you would like It can be ordered through me here. I will update with a reply each time something new is available. So keep an eye on this thread and if there is something you like please msg me or reply here and I will message you.

Edit: page on facebook was taken down due to inactivity and then me forgetting to check also due to inactivity. Products still available see comments below for what is still in stock.



Fantastic work

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