Oh Danny boiiiiiii, what pipes, what pipes you running?

Sup everyone, thanks for the add.

So I purchased a 2000 Cuore and am loving it!!! 88,xxx on the ODO too :open_mouth:
I’ve lowered it a tad, gonna stay on the OG steelies til the rubber runs out , then look into something different.
Paint will be done before Dec.

What zorst systems are yous all running? Somebody said 2inch straight thru?!?!? I’d love to hear feom you all. !

Thanks in advance.



here is your pics so we all dont have to download them lol.
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Are you staying N/A or going turbo that will really decide on what size pipe you go.
If its turbo or just for the noise then go 2 inch
If its staying N/A go about 1.75 inch


Haha thanks man, I’ll probs get the pic thingy wrong next time too. :sweat_smile:
Gonna stay NA for aaaages. I love this thing but I also own other cars with turbos. This is a fun little daily which I wanna make look MAD!!


Welcome, glad you joined us

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G’day mate and welcome to the forum.
If you are retaining the factory exhaust manifold then 1-5/8" exhaust will do the trick. The outlet of the factory manifold is that size, so it’s the smallest restriction.

What the ??? My kids have drinking straws bigger than that haha.
Thanks for having me, and thanks for the info. I’ll need to get a new pipe shortly, so am looking at all advice.
I’m familiar with subarus, but new to daihatsu.

I’m Subaru and Daihatsu. A somewhat common ownership combo.

I went 1 3/4" with my exhaust on the EJ/DE. But I made my own headers and the collector is 1 3/4". I went with that as the Ti bike muffler I used was 1 3/4" and I had plenty of tube the right size. As the 3cly is 120deg apart nothing fancy is needed for a collector or equal length primaries. My Subarus are all at least 3" or 3 1/2" so 1 5/8" would like a straw.

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