Oil catch can Ke3 help

Afternoon all,

Having acquired myself a beat up (bodywise) sirion that we already affectionately called “ugly betty”, im already looking at things to do to get it ready for some hillclimb fun

Hoping i could get some help on a catch can set up

Looking at the engine there two ports off the head that go to the intake body…cant see any off the actual block itself??

Is this correct? One off each backside corner, assuming the one on the left side with the green part (assume its a non return) is the actual pcv and goes deeper inside, where the bigger one is the head breather?

If i plumb both of these to a 4 port catch can and then feed back into their respective intake locations would this be ok? Or should i utilise two seperate cans?

I have both from a previous track car so not stressed, but id rather run a single can as the bay is tiny!

Any help would be massively appreciated :ok_hand:t2: