Ok so I bought this today

So tonight while I was taking a break from retrimming the mighty boy seats I jumped on gumtree and found this…IMG_0275IMG_0273IMG_0274
It’s a 99 handi
I bought it for the low kms for my engine swap in the 200. Has rego so I guess I’ll drive it until then.
Cool car though… for what it is. I thought it would be a lot worse tbh. Kinda fun. Lol


Awesome car, I am biased to 10 and 12 inch wheels.


Now you could put a k3ve in this and have 2 more cool cars :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Yeah but it’s a 2 seater. Although I do love the handi van it’s just not as perfect in the body as I’d like.
Maybe though.
After I pinch parts I think it will be too far pilfered.