Oops! I should have introduced myself before now

I’ve been a member for a while. Mainly lurking. I was given an L60V Handivan a few years ago. I needed a motorised wheelbarrow for the farm and I could have it for nothing becauset he owner was moving house the next day. He’d removed the motor and drivetrain out and stripped the broken gearbox. So my son in law and I lifted the front bumper, put a couple of skateboards under the front sill and pushed it onto a trailer.

Reassembling the broken gearbox showed the real problem to be a stripped hub spline caused by a dead CV joint.
So I put the motor and drivetrain back in the car and it’s been sat a while until I get a round tuit.
I’m in danger of getting one soon but not really needing a paddock basher any more (I just use the road car and a trailer) I’ve decided to make some mods. The original powertrain will be fine, I like that there are no electronics. Yet! But I think it needs some modern stupidity like electric mirrors, and a dash, seat and interior trim upgrade.


Welcome to the forum, finally another L55/L60 owner.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for the intro. Welcome. Some pics when you can would be great.

Hi Guys

The front end is currently on stands in the shed gathering dust.
The only photos I have at the moment are the VIN no, compliance plate ,and the factory engine no, paint code and chassis no sticker.
Will post some as soon as I get some of the crap around it out of the way.


Finally got some pics!

Like I said it’s been in the shed for a while. There really is a silver L60V under that grey dust.

Interior is not in bad nick for it’s age, although I haven’t had those seat covers off yet.
This is what happens when a CV joint goes really bad and you ignore the knocking.

It actually looks like there’s a spline in the hub, but <3mm down it has been beautifully reamed by the drive end of the CV. Unfortunately, I can’t show the damage to the CV joint, it looks fine in a photo apart from the burns where the balls ran out of grease and you won’t see the 4-5 mm of side play in a picture!