Orange L500 Avanzato rep - info

Anyone have any information on the orange l500 Avanzato rep that’s being sold?

I’m keen to purchase, just after info on how smooth the conversion went and if there’s any problems I should be aware of.



I dont know anything about it sorry. it seems familiar but that may just be the colour.

Current owner here - what do you need to know?
As far as I know the conversion was done by a guy called Cosmo (unsure if he’s still around the community).
The engine, body kit, brakes and interior were taken from a JDM L502S half cut.

The car drives great and has a pretty aggressive clutch on it which makes it really fun to drive. Revs great, boost is pretty much constantly at 15psi under load.

Mate I love this car.
Looks awesome.
I remember about a year ago when it went up for sale I wanted it.
I swear if I didn’t have too many things on right now I’d buy it.
Looks awesome.