Pan-evac/vac-u-pan on K3? (crankcase ventilation via exhaust)

I’ve heard somewhere on here that K3 engines like to breath a fair bit of oil when they get older. That matches up with what I’ve seen on the spare inlet manifold… Naturally I don’t like this idea because it’s going into the engine and it’s not cold nor clean nor high octane. So I’m thinking of alternatives to prevent blow-by from going down it’s throat. Initially I’ll be installing a baffled catch can, but that’s not the discussion here, the discussion is about using the exhaust velocity to pull a vacuum. This would naturally only work with a free flowing exhaust though (not exactly hard when you have less than 150hp).

Has anyone installed some kind of system to pull a vacuum on the crankcase of their engine on here?

most of the oil breathed is due to blow by because of gummed up/ stuck rings. The best way to fix this would be to re ring and make the oil ring holes behind the rings slightly larger. By making the engine vent to your exhaust instead of a catch would not help in knowing if you have blowby coming out the exhaust due to rings or if it is from your crank case.

Technically you can, I have seen a 1 way valve installed into the collector pipes on v8 extractors but by today’s standards it’s no longer legal for road use.
Just install a decent oil catch can with a drain tap.