Part Number's C\o Whitworth

Part numbers that are underlined are matching between the two motors.
Part numbers marked with * are possible matches but not confrimed
Daihatsu Sirion M1 (Europe Australia) Storia (Japan) K3VE2
Head complete 11101-97404-000
Head gasket 11115-97401-000*
Intake cam 13501-97402-000*
Exhaust cam 13502-97402-000*
Intake valves 13711-97401-000*
Exhaust valves 13715-97401-000*
Valve springs 90045-01567-000 90045-01568-000
Intake manifold 17101-97401-000
Intake manifold gasket 17177-97402-000*
Throttle body 22210-97401-000*
Fuel rail 23807-97403-000
Injectors 23250-97401-000
Exhaust manifold 17140-97414-000* 17140-97422-000
Exhaust manifold gasket 17173-97401-000
Daihatsu Boon M5 (Japan) 3SZVE
Head complete 11101-B9251
Head gasket 11115-B1030
Intake cam 13501-B1020
Exhaust cam 13502-97401
Intake valves 13711-B1020
Exhaust valves 13715-B1020
Valve springs 90045-01859 90045-01898
Intake manifold 17120-B1020
Intake manifold gasket 17177-B1020
Throttle body 22210-B1070
Fuel rail 23807-97403
Injectors 23209-B9040
Exhaust manifold 17140-B1220
Exhaust manifold gasket 17173-97401

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