Parting out a L9 move

Due to frame damage i’m parting out my move.
I’m located in the netherlands, but i’m willing to ship worldwide. (of course there will be weight and size restrictions).

Contact me for availability and price.

The following are already sold…
-front bumper
-front stabilizer bar

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Was the “frame” damaged through an accident or through rust?
How many kilometers?

It was damaged in a accident by the previous owner. The car is rust free.
It has about 144k on it.

The damage isn’t yet visible. When you describe it as frame damage, it could only mean the front subframe?

It’s probably salvageable. Bit I’m not going to try because i wanted to sell it anyway. And if i sell the move with the damage or fixed, I’ll lose too much money. So that’s why I’m parting it out.

Does the L9 cluster work with the EJDE engine by chance?

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It has a EJ-VE. So it’ll work.

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oh nice! sorry I didn’t catch this earlier, I’ve been pretty badly sick.

how much would you think it’d cost to send this down to Aus? I’d be putting this in my L500 since it now has a EJDE in it :slight_smile:

I’ve looked it up…
It will cost about 54,- EUR (90,- AUD) just for the shipping.
And I’d like to get 25,- EUR (40,- AUD) for the cluster.