Passenger wheel bearing keeps breaking

Hi everyone, I need some advice please .
I replaced passenger side wheel bearing twice now, it keeps breaking.
Am I doing something wrong,
Its a Dai charade 1984 model
Thanks for any advice please

Not a lot of info to go by. How are they “breaking”?

There should be some form of crush tube between the inner and outer bearings. Anothe common issue is installation by pressing on the inner race instead of the outer race.

Some pictures please.

Hi thanks for replying.
The bearing was replaced two weeks ago,
Two short trips and I heard a grinding noise.
On inspection the bearing was broken .
This weekend replaced it again,same thing.
One short drive and I heard noise again.
Once again the bearing was breaking.
A little info is that when the mechanic tightens the hub nut the wheel locks up.
It goes just past the little hole where the pin goes thru the castle but.
I don’t think the wheel should be binding.
When I bought the bearings, there was two identical bearings in the box and their seals.
The mechanics knocked them in and that was it.
Did they miss something?

I’m at work right now can send pics tomorrow

If the wheel will not spin as the bearing is tightened then it is crushing the inner and outer bearings with way to much preload. Crush tube missing!

Wow, is the crush tube a part that can be bought separately?
Thanks I really appreciate the advise

Okay, I should perhaps have waited for pics. But anyway. I am guessing your bearings looked like this before installation

That tube that I talk of goes between the inner races. The manual shows a different looking bearing that is one unit

Got to section FS9. You will see one large round cylinder which actually looks like this


I hope I have not confused things. But if you bearing looks like the lower one they are fairly fool proof, unless one presses on the inner race instead of the outer race when installing.

Let me know how it goes.



Hi there,
These are the two bearings that come from my hub.
As you can see they are messed up and only been in a week.
The crush tube you mention doesn’t come with the new bearings.
That pic of my car is a g10? model,and the bearings in the manual on google drive are different?
Once again,thanks ahead for the advice.
The manuals that I downloaded don’t have the axle sections in them .

Okay just found these two parts that my idiot mechanic didn’t know where to fit on the bearing?15041040972601702743582

It’s a bit hard to see what is going on with those bearings without some close ups and diff angle shots.

Leaving parts out, esp if you are not sure what they do, is never good.

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Hope you got this sorted out.
My experience was like yours, but different!
G102 went for 2 rear brake drum machining and new pairs of wheel bearings.
The spacer definitely goes between the 2 inner races on my model.

When I tried to reinstall one of the machined drums, I found that it would not fit on the axle.
Found they had put the spacer in with the taper the wrong way! Embarrassing!

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