Performance 13" wheels suit 4x110 pcd

Performance 13 x 5.5 wheels suit 4x110 pcd so the stud pattern fits mira, move, g11 charade , and some other daihatsu models I cant think of right now.
Not sure on offset but I know with a mira or a move you will need the guards massaged a little

I am selling them as I am going a different way with my wheel set up etc.

Pick up from Laidley QLD.


do you know if these would fit a g102 charade without needing to mod?

your charade will be 4x100 not 4x110. Plenty of 4x100 wheels out there though so you should find something ok. I just got some 4x100 wheels for my YRV that was from a prius of all things. Just do a hunt around you should find something suitable.

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