Perodua Nippa (Mira L200 etc) in the Uk

Hello, hello,

Have stumbled across these forums while researching and toying with ideas for my Perodua Nippa (a rebadged Daihatsu Mira).

Me and a friend bought the car very cheap 4 years ago. Mechanically poor shape despite having covered only 20k miles, but the chassis was solid. This was to be a ‘bust rally’ car, in which the car is dressed up (ours became a Mario kart knock off) and silly tasks completed across the country, or countries. Often for charity and a bit of fun. Entry card can’t be more than £500.

Anyway, we won the event. The car was tucked up out of the way and left. The plans were to do more events with it, but life got in the way.

Now have a silly soft spot for the car and don’t want to get rid. It’s getting brought home to me at the end if this month for its journey to continue.

I’m now thinking it would make a funny little track toy (as my current track toy has appreciated in value so much, making it less viable to really give it hell!)

However, the struggle here in the UK for parts is real.

I’m researching lots of options including engine conversions. Although, the common conversions from other Daihatsu models are proving difficult due to supply too. Not sure where to go from here, or what else could squeeze in.

I’m also struggling for aftermarket parts. The springs and struts aren’t in great shape and 2nd hand replacements are alarmingly expensive. However, as the car is so unpopular there isn’t a great deal of info as to if any other model parts fit suitably or not. (I did read one source suggested Vauxhall / Opel Corsa suspension may fit?)

I’ve had a run through the search feature (a struggle on my phone!) , and didn’t want to start throwing new threads up left, right, and centre just yet - but if you have any direct links to other resources please do drop them below.

Thanks all,


Welcome. What sort of comp are you thinking of? Choose a class. Read the rules. See what you can and cannot do.

Welcome mate ! and yes the struggle is getting harder for parts etc (even here in Aus). There is a lot of people that get parts from Malaysia. You can get things like coil overs and many parts that seem to not be anywhere else it seems Maylasia had them because of the Perodua branding. @NikMF May be able to help. He sources a lot of parts for a lot of aussie’s


Thanks heaps James!

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I can’t really be of any advice. But i do hope that you make a build thread when you start building :slight_smile:

Do you have some pictures in the meantime? I love pictures xD

I have lots of pics hiding somewhere. I’ll dig them out. Car is due to come home at the end of this month so will start getting new pics too!

Wondering if a rover K series engine and box could be persuaded to fit. I’ve seen the k series vvc engine squeeze into a rover metro - dimensions can’t be that much different? Lots of measuring and chin scratching to follow :joy:


We only got some rovers over here and I think only one or two models so I don’t know anything about rover :frowning:

That makes sense. They were everywhere here!

The k series came in many guises, and the top end of them were also used in the early versions of the Lotus Elise, before they went Toyota. They’re also used in lots of Caterhams etc.

The engine is small, light and likes the revs. My last went to 7300rpm and produced about 180bhp.

The standard vvc varient produces 143 to 160bhp dependant on ancillaries. This is the one that finds itself pushed into the tiny Rover Metro!

They also do a standard 1.8 at 120bhp, a 1.6 at 115bhp and a 1.4 at 103bhp. All of which, if possible, would turn the Nippa into a lunatic. (unsure chassis could handle torque from the 1.8s)

It would be awesome if it fits. The problem with dai’s us mostly due to the gearboxes not holding up so if you could swap an engine and box from another brand in it might do the trick.

Dont tell me these things or stupid me will get ideas and try it for myself. Thankfully there isn’t that many rovers in Aus