Piggyback on Charade HD-E engine

Has anyone got some experience installing a piggyback or standalone in their charade? Currently have a 1.6 which is running less than optimal…
as far as i know the motor doesn’t have a crankshaft sensor or camshaft sensor which are needed i think?

contemplating to go this route or swapping for a toyota 1nz-fe motor.
thanks for any help or info

It has been done before I cant give details as it has been ages since following a build that has done this. Some piggy back systems will only adjust fueling and not spark. That is what I did with a greddy emanage on my old move. Alot of hassle to get the old tech working though.

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Don’t expect any good results from a piggyback system on such a small NA engine. These piggyback systems (if they have one for the charade) are just a standard program which changes some things. It isn’t tailor made for your car/engine, they don’t run any tests and most of the time don’t even know what it is that they are changing exactly.

Yes it could work and yes it could help you get some more performance. But it might as well do nothing or worse… Especially since your engine doesn’t seem to run right and they won’t do anything to solve that.

They always promise a guaranteed increase of 10-20% but they can’t know that and you wont get any proof since there is no dyno that they put you on.

Best way (but also expensive) is standalone ECU and a tuner.

The 1nz-fe is a further development from the K3-VE if I remember correctly?

I ment a piggyback where the fueling etc. are actually tuned, like a standalone but cheaper. may go for the standalone because another engine will also require custom drive shafts i think which would be expensive.

Not sure if its a further development but the 1nz-fe is a 1.5 vs the k3 being a 1.3.

I would go stand alone over a piggy back you will get more control.

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yeah that’s probably true, looking into that some more now.

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