Piggybacking a sirion m300

Hey all,

I had some questions about the possibility of piggybacking my sirion m300. I’ve heard some stories about the possibility that the ecu will nog accept the piggyback or rewrites itself after a couple of days. I just want to be sure that this kind of stuff won’t happen so does anyone have some experience or knowledge if piggybacking is the way to go?

I know a standalone ECU is the way to go but I’m only trying to piggyback so to get more (s)miles per liter (atm 1liter per 15-16km). Since I drive around 40k a year I would be able to get my money’s worth out of it within a year.

I hope someone could tell me more :slight_smile: thanks in advance

I have used a greddy emanage on an ef\el ecu and it was a lot of stuffing around to get it right but eventually got there.
I have not used it on an engine that the ecu controls spark also.
You can get speeduino type standalone ecu’s for about the price of a piggy back these day’s.
Or if you really wanted to just save some $$$ with fuel a suggestion could be that you could get a wideband and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and use that to bring your AFR’s down a bit. (it may not be a great option but it is one nonetheless).
Either way, unless you can get a 2nd hand unit the all 3 cheaper options I imagine would be around the same cost.

Hmm that’s a shame. I have no experience at all tuning ecu’s so I’m not going to bother with that. It will definitely result in a broken engine. Also dyno costs are huge so not really an option for this car. Piggybacking with Dyno before and after will cost around 600 euro’s and if I get 5% more fuel economy it will mean that in around 80k I’ll break even. Thanks for your reply.

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that’s still only about 6L/100km so not sure you are going to get much better economy than that honestly

There’s a yt channel called the Skid Factory which I’m pretty sure had a piggybacked ecu on a K3 in a Charade. Can’t remember them saying a lot about it though.
Might help.