Plugins Installed 01/04/2017

##Plugins Installed 01/04/2017

Some of you will have already noticed some of the items that were installed during the outage.

##Who is online?
There is now a section of the forum that displays “Online:” this illustrates who is on the forum. Pretty straight forward stuff

I have enabled a chat plugin which currently is just one room.
you can access it by pressing the chat icon icon.

##Secret Text
Warning Spoiler below

[spoiler]It is now possible to build a “spoiler” which has to be clicked to be enabled
It is even possible to embed a photo within a spoiler

You can access this from a button or learn the syntax
Click the Cog

Then click

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##MEME Generator

It is possible to generate a MEME within the composer

Simply click the button and you will be presented with a window to enter the upper and lower text and select an image.

Please Note

It is possible to select multiple images, this is a bug and should be avoided.


##Konami Code

The final plugin that was installed is purely for shits and giggles.

It is super secret.

Learn the code

Enter the following when viewing the site.