Pod filter troubles

Hey guys, I’m wanting to replace the oem intake with a pod since the intake hold is smaller than a snack size Mars bar but I’ve run into some issues.
The MAF sensor is attached to the filter box and there are a few tubes also. Is there anyway if doing this properly?

There is absolutely no benefit in performance doing this to a std car. In fact, you will most likely reduce power. It is a snack size Mars bar size for a reason. It will increase noise and this typically makes one think they have more power, but not so. Pods need separation from all heat if they are to have any effect. I have been there attempting this and back in the 80’s we put my near bog std car on the dyno and played “aircleaners” (std and foam pods). Factory was best. I have recently read some research on a few modern cars and the small holes at the end were needed to get the best performance on the std (do all things tune) engine as the induction (including the filter being present) because the size and length were there for the resonance pulse tuning. Easy mod, looks like you’ve done something, can hear the induction sound and not needed unless other significant things altered also.

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