Pokemira/ Red Bucket Introduction & build thead

First off Hi I’m Eren,
Owner of the Pokemira or formally known as the red bucket, I have not properly introduced myself on here so here goes. I have owned afew stupid but fun Daihatsu’s the first a Hi-Jet and the second a clapped out chazza on 15x8 steelies. Until I Purchased this 1991 Daihatsu Mira Handivan from Cloud Stark who had it wrapped to be the Pokeball. before That it has been through afew people however I know that kris had completed the EJ-DE conversion and installed the bodykit/wheels. and a lot of other things. Upon first sight I had decided I would buy the car and went for a test drive with a friend and fell in love. since then I have done some things to make it my own and will continue to work on it frequently. and it gives me smiles and good times in return and I love that It makes everyone else smile too.
Since featuring in the MCM QLD video and winning an award for MCM most MAAAD! Car I have to say I’m Glad people can feel the way I feel about it too.

Mods & Details below:


Mods & Details:

-1.0 EJ-DE conversion (rebuilt) N/A
-5 Speed Gearbox
-Cold air intake
-Oil Catch Can

-Replaced bashed out stock headers with custom headers, high flow cat straight to 2 resonators (hotdogs) bolted to some massive zokusha/bosozoku pipes custom made to the shape of Pikachu’s tail made by LMFabworks.

-Detomaso Steering wheel
-stock seats (used to have TR-XX but Cloud removed before sale) I know :cry:
-Custom Bamboo rear floor
-Saas automotive gauges (oil,water,bat,tach)

-Work Equip 01
-Take off wing
-TR-XX mid spoiler
-Game Boy Indicator
-Pokémon Wrap
-Zokusha Pipes
-Ebay spec coilovers in front
-Rear Pedders shocks and lowering springs

and many other things I have most likely forgotten.
but heres some photos of its glory before I owned it:

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to keeping you Guys & Gals updated on what is going on with the car and joining in on cruises

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hey mate welcome thanks for the Tag but I never did the ejde install on the car I hadn’t even seen it in person until it had the pokeball wrap on it. I did however own the current dashboard that is in it and gave it to Johnny after he bought the car from Kris Perren. I believe Kris did the ejde conversion and Levi did the wiring. That is what I think is correct but I could be wrong. Good to see the car is getting some love and not just trashed.

Yeah it was kris i believe but i thought this was kris aha i just tagged you because im fairly sure i saw your name on the original build thread :joy: oh well thanl you :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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And now i realise it was @miraowner’N’stuff and you had just commented on it :ok_hand::joy: this is why i should read properly

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Welcome Eren, sweet lil ride. Did you have an look to the MCM video, I’m keen to listen to it sounds with that exhaust