Pre 2000 kei import to NZ

Hello All,

(finally) getting around to attempting to import a Daihatsu Midget after not being able to purchase anything tidy enough here in NZ. I have located some tidy ones in Japan, but one of the guys in Japan has told me that I won’t be able to import any Midget’s into NZ at all - lost in translation a lot of it but I think he is referring to a) frontal impacts “Mini-sized cars (under 660cc) from Japan comply if they were manufactured on or after 1 July 2000” or b) emissions code. can anyone on here offer help/advice? I’m very much ignorant as to importing. cheers


maye ask Tim Hart at Compact Motorsport?

have flicked an email now, thanks heaps

Mightycarmods uses import monster allot. Don’t know if they are able to help.

Hey Blackaptur, I work for Iron Iron Lady imports ( sister company for Iron Chef imports ) feel free to email me through all the details on the midget, we can help find you one through the Japan, we assist for the whole process arrange for the Vehicle import, shipping, registration etc

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