Qld Australia Daihatsu Motorsport gatherings

16th July 2017 Lakeside Raceway Sprints (the Daihatsu and Suzuki contingent)

Okay no action shots in the images below, but hey I was one of the drivers (I’m not in any of the pictures . All going well I’ll post some video from my Action Cam. For anyone that thinks they have driven quickly, well you just never get anywhere near the limits you will push to as can be done on a track. It’d been over a decade since I done a few laps there and while I’d forgotten the lines I did remember it was a great place. My memory was correct, it is a great track!

First image is the driver briefing.
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Great pics Mr Gormsby. Looking forward to seeing some vids!

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Here ya go guys! My video from the track day :smiley:


Here is my action camera footage.
You can mute the music if you dont like it.


That’s a bummer man!

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Ok here are the pics I am stealing from @Daniel_RRSC. He took some awesome pics and here they are.


27th Aug 2017 is a Come and Try Hillclimb

Hosted by the MG Car Club of Qld at the Mt Cotton Hillclimb complex it is something I would highly recommend. For those that were at Lakeside this is a bit different again. Which is better, Hillclimb or Sprints? Well it is impossible to say. They are different and each fantastic in their own way. The “Hill” prob shows your errors, mistakes and cars lacking of power/handling and brakes more so than Lakeside. Like the Sprint day, no CAMS lic is required, however, you car will need a current fire extinguisher, helmet and must pass scrutineering. It will be a cheaper activity than Sprints (well the Come and Try Day is inexpensive, but a true event gets more costly).

On the morning you go to scrutineering, have a briefing, walk the track, complete a couple of sighting laps with an instructor and then get to do fast laps. Beware though, build up to a fast pace, at the last one a few guys went off going to fast on their first lap and more or less forfeited the day as they had to see the course steward and had their car left towed to an inaccessible spot until lunch time when all was over. Compared to a regular event you will get in many runs, often waiting only 5min between runs (as a bench mark the old Liberty Wagon does 56sec consistently on med/hard compound semi slicks).

More info here


and here

Come & Try – Test & Tune Hillclimb, Saturday, 26 August, 2017
Entry form and Supp regs now on the Entry forms page.

  • More info below:
    Test & Tune Competitors: (NO Pre-registration is required, Entry on the day is available & Runs commence at 11.45 am)

    Come & Try Competitors: (MUST Pre-register with Gary Goulding prior to the event)
    Contacts : gsgoulding@optusnet.com.au or 0438 104 231

Oh I would love to go. I however have a few things against me for this one. :frowning: The move needs much work but this could be done in time, so that isnt my issue. My one thing that will stop me from this is that it is Mine and Mrs Evils 16th wedding anniversary and we have booked accommodation and going away that weekend. We are not going far but we try to make each year for that weekend about the 2 of us and do some goofy stuff we have never done. Last year we went on a 4wd and glow worm tour and this year we are doing a ghost tour. So unfortunately on this occasion I will be absent.

They have two a year. So there’s always the first one that comes up in April or May.

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That sounds good to me :thumbsup:

Does sound really good. Like Mr Evil, I wouldn’t be able to make the one for August, but, next year is on the cards!

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