QLD Raceway Sprint Day October 14th

The Second LiveToDai Sprint Event for 2018! Jump on the track at Queensland Raceway Sprint Circuit and race the clock!
Cost will be $20 for the clubman licence and $80 to be paid to me for the event.
All cars must be road registered and we are trying to get as many Daihatsus on the track as we can. To this end, spots will be for Daihatsus only until further notice. However, spectators are more than welcome and there is no gate cost. If there is time at the end of the day they may put on a happy laps session where passengers will be allowed.
All drivers are required to purchase a clubman licence from qld raceways website and wear long sleeve pants/jeans, a long sleeve shirt, closed in shoes and an Australia standard helmet (open or close face).
I look forward to seeing everyone there!


Pretty sure I won’t be there for this one but am aiming for Dai-Nationals

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When are they please?

14th of October this year

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Looks like fun. I will be on the Gold Coast at the same time as this is on for our “race of stars” to kick off v8 supercar week celebrations.
Very tempting. It’s on the same day as our racing though so not sure if I can sneak off to race. Lol.
Gosh it’s tempting though. Even for a look.

Sorry I meant the Nationals date

I’ll be driving up from the coast @Paulep82 If you wanna catch a lift.

@tasdai no set date for the nationals yet. Looking at maybe later next year.

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Mate I’d love to but like I said Iv got drivers racing in our race of stars and since I’m the importer I have to kinda be there. Haha.
If I can get out of it I will though. I’ll see if I can leave my partner there but I think it’s gonna be impossible with no engine guy there if I go.
Appreciate the offer though.

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