Queensland Raceway Ipswich Sept 4th 2021

Hey guys I’m arranging a track/sprint event on the 4th of September at Qld Raceway Ipswich.
All cars MUST be regoed and all drivers must wear long sleeve shirt, pants, closed in shoes and an Australian Standard Helmet.
We have been lucky with cost this time and it will be a little cheaper than last time. We are asking for all who enter to pay a $20 deposit, then the balance of $45 by two weeks before the event. The clubman licence cost has increased to $30 per event, however, overall it will still be $5 cheaper than last time.
The event from a 12:30pm Drivers Briefing and first cars on track at 1pm till about 4:30. We would like to have 20 Dais, but if not enough interest it will be filled with non Dais closer to the date.
Payment details are $30 for a clubman licence unless you have a yearly one already. $20 deposit when booking in and the balance of $45 to me by two weeks before the event. (Total cost $95).
Events work like this: 15mins on the track at a time and that could be 4-5 times.
I think that’s everything. Places are now open to book, please contact me for more details.


I know a lead foot that might be interested in her ‘sports car’.

Are none Daihatsu drivers allowed?

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If not all the spots have been taken by a month before the event it will be open to other cars. We do tend to prefer other small cars, as keeps with the spirit of the event for us.


Also was wondering are spectators free again?

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Yes, spectators will be free :+1:t2:

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There are 5 sports available at this stage. Shoot me a PM if you are wanting to come along.


Let’s hope this COVID-19 rubbish is well and truly sorted by that date…

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Hope so too. At the moment Qld Raceways is suggesting social distancing, but are not enforcing it. Fingers crossed it stays this way.

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