Quest for slammed cuore l700

Hey guys recent purchase of a tidy 2002 cuore has got me very interested in this scene. And will be attempt to get it a low and stanced as possible. While being somewhat pratical! Need ideas on lowering and wheels sizing specs from those of you that are low? Seems like a good little community of dai lovers here, which is great to have like minded people to chat with.

Removed springs and bump stops to drop a total 8” but not able to drive as wheels jammed in rear quarter. Mayb not that low. Does look sic though.

Nice s2 cuore u have there. I like the colour. Looks clean too.
I’d look at something custom if you want to slam it that hard.
I like the look but they Handle like a dog that low. (Although standard isn’t much better)
I’d speak to a local spring maker to see what they can offer you.
Also the shocks won’t work too well past their operating point so I’d also consider shorter shocks if your budget allows. (Prob safer too)

Thanks Paul. I was thinking that custom would be the case. Coilovers won’t even get it that low. But for the time being the trusty angle grinder will have to do. I’m going to Japan later in the year and will see what I can find there. Handling isn’t really an issue as only drive to and from work!

Yeah coilovers won’t even come close and their only for the front.
I think excel shocks are good for lowering in the rear (there’s write ups on forum) and try allsprings in moorebank if you want lowered springs or customs.
There pretty inexpensive from them.

“Coilover won’t get even that low”. Well then you’d be looking for shorter unit than a L700 specific coil over. If you had the cash Murray Coote (MCA Suspension) would make a coil over any length you wanted. Someone here will tell you for sure if a Copen coilover is shorter than a L700 coil over. I build my own and have tended in the past to shorten twin tube Konis that are close to the length I want.

I would go to a 2 1/2" or 2 1/4" diameter coil over type spring for the rear. It would require custom seats top and bottom. The first time I did this on my L200 I cut the bases out of the chassis and welded new ones in. On your rear axle I’d do an adjustable base. To make it handle well (which is what I’d rather do than go for your preference of “looks” the spring rate needs to be doubled or even tripled while the std front rate is adequate - remember soft front means high grip and hard rear kills understeer).

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