Question with L701 engine swap (1.5)

Hello, im new and from holland starting my build on my L701, engine from the 1.5 sirion sport will be installed. Just wondering, is there a way to fit the speedometers etc from the sirion to the cuore since it doesnt really match…

Also, do you guys have som nice ideas for the swap to add? Reason for swapping is creating a real fast nugget with impressive acceleration even tho we r having the FWD system haha!

Thanks alot guys,

Hallo Thomas,

Welkom. Tell us some more about your L701? What would you use “a real fast nugget” for? Please share some pictures.

Quite a few L700 guys here that might be about to help.




So the problem is the dash, speedometers (i think in english?) because it is not like the 1.3 one and wondering how to make it fit, maybe aftermarket? Someone experience with this?

Swap all relevant electrical looms from the donor vehicle into the L700 to get dash working? Fitting could depend on how much you want to cut and join relevant parts together, nothing like one off custom work :wink:

Do you guys think it is possible to make the L701 rear wheel drive? Maybe with engine in the back? Otherwise making the drive shaft all the way to the back, do you think this is possible or to difficult?

Possible yes, not able to be regoed for street without major engineering though if at all honestly

Honestly I have to say that, if you have to ask that the question as to whether it is to difficult, then it is in fact to difficult. Yes, possible. You’d need to start with a clear idea of why you were doing it. For example, I would like to build a mid engine L200 as a race car. It would in effect be a “sports car” for the class I would race it in. This means looking at the rules (tube chassis and so forth). As mid engine I would like to run a longitudnal engine rather than transverse. Therein is my big problem - the cost of the gearbox I want to use. If you wanted to build a mid engine L700 as a paddock basher I am sure I could have one running with a couple of weekends work if I had a going complete car and my workshop cleaned up and ready to go.


Hi, I think you will need a k-frame and engine mounts from the first generation sirion in order to fit the engine. Using the engine and gearbox from the second gen sirion you will probably find the clutch is hydraulic, so a first gen gearbox with cable operated clutch will probably be needed. As for the RWD, the easiest route would probably be install the AWD from a first gen sirion and buy one of the rwd conversion kits available for the storia. Basically deletes the viscous coupling for the rear diff and deletes the front drive shafts. Still alot of work!
I am curious if you will sell any parts from your donor car? If it is a M311 AWD then I would be interested in the rear trailing arms, and I am also interested in the steering wheel. I am located in Bremen, not too far from the Netherlands.
Looking forward to hearing more about the build!

And I forgot to mention, the brakes from the M3 will be a nice upgrade, they should be the same a Copen brakes, many people use them as an upgrade on the cuore.