Rallyrs from Newcastle

Been kicking around the old forum for a few years.

Dai history goes back to 1990 when I bought the wife a new charade 1.3cx 5 door. She had this for 80000km which were clocked up in under 2 years. What I remembered was I never had to fix anything and regrettably it was quicker and more fuel efficient than my Gemini(s) of the time.
Around 2005 we opened a pizza shop, and the 1st car I came across happened to be a G102 3cyl auto, joined shortly after by a G102 4cyl man. Over 8 years I upgraded to G200’s and the last was a G203. Never had 1 of them let me down mechanically. Most fell victim to inexperienced staff drivers or other motorists. My last G200 1.3 man reached 480K of which over 200K were delivery driver abuse.

Today my son drives a G203 1.5L and my eldest daughter has claimed my Sirion GTVI road car. There remains a G200 1.3 Auto laying dormant in the back yard and an old G200 3cyl 2 door which is more of a charade parts shed these days.

I’ve been an active member of Westlakes car club for over 15 years, and my kids from the age of 12. As it was good to keep a spare charade around just in case , my kids would regularly (ab)use these as club car(s) for motorkhana and khanacross use. Whilst I’ve always been a little lazy and prefer to steer with my right foot, I too have on occasions taken 1 of the charade out for some exercise when my escort was a little sad and they don’t disappoint in fun or on the timecard.

This year Westlakes Car club started a junior incentive program to try and encourage more kids into motorsport. By fate the 1st car donated ( and not by me) is a G203 1.5 man. If the interest is there, it will be joined by my G200 1.3 auto which will clear a spot for a new toy or 2.


Welcome to the forum mate, Daihatsu’s make great delivery vehicles, I used my TRXX daily to deliver curry after my day job, was very economical!!

Looking forward to some pictures mate.

Welcome to the new forum Rallyrs :smile:

Hi mate :wink:

Welcome RallyRS good to see you made it across. Let us know how the junior club car thing goes and if yours is added to it. I think its a great thing the club is doing regardless of car type but charades are definately good for learning.

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