Random L200 stuff and Ej stuff

Hey guys,

Something has popped up so I can no longer continue with the Mira build… So here’s all the parts I’ve been collecting that are now for sale… Let me know if you need anything else.

Sirion/cuore cv ends - $40 each delivered

Td04l-13t-6 with a steel wheel - EBay spec but comes with flow map and balance sheet - $300

Ej-de/ef-det turbo manifold. Tiny crack in it but it’s only on the surface, my tuner said it will be fine - -$100

QFM A1RM brake pads suit daihatsu cuore, good for 800 degrees on track temps, were custom made for me - $125

Brand new Lower control arms suit cuore/sirion hubs but fit onto L200, needed if you are doing 4x100 conversion - $100 the pair

Cuore front hubs, bearings are still good, again, easiest way to do do 4x100 conversion - $100 the pair

Redrilled rear L200 rear hubs to 4x100, wheel bearings in good nick, brake shoes probs need replacing - $100 the pair

Good condition bmc and brake booster from an L200. Mine were fucked so I got these online and got them rebuilt locally, so essentially brand new condition - $100

L700 cluster and surround, was gonna transplant into the Mira but never got around to it - $50

Standard exedy clutch suit EJ, brand new, fitted onto engine but never run - $150

EJ from an L700 and 5 speed box, box was inspected and all internals were good. Engine was compression tested when I picked it up and was very healthy - chasing $350 for the engine and $150 for the box, can ship Australia wide through my work for relatively cheap.

L200 tail lights with no cracks - $50 the pair

Fully refurbished L200 fuel tank, professionally cleaned and acid bathed then painted - $100

300lph E85 compatible fuel pump… Have wired it up to the Mira cradle but can seperate - $40 delivered

Alright that’s all I can think of for now… I also have a Mira shell sitting here so if people need random plastics or whatever message me and I’ll see what I got.

As mentioned above, I can ship basically anything Australia wide for relatively cheap through work, so if you need something let me know…

Thanks guys…


Hay mate gutted to hear you can’t do the build anymore, it’s never nice when a build gos south. Do you know how many kms are on the engine?

Hey mate. Yeah the engine had about 150k when it was taken out of the cuore… I compression tested it when I got home and it was very healthy though. Plus I’ve got a full gasket kit that can go with the engine if wanted…

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Interested in fuel pump plus cradle. Send on a message with details. No hurry on it as there might be something else you have that I need and you could post all at once. Can do bank transfer for you or paypal. Thanks

Hey dude sorry someone already grabbed the fuel pump yesterday evening. Sorry man…

Just the pump or carrier also? Thanks,

Just the pump bro…

It was a carrier that I was really after. How much and so forth? Thanks, rob

I may have a fuel pump carrier here rob if you want it. I will have a hunt tomorrow and see if I do have one

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I have a carb one but am after an efi one which has a larger return pipe. Thanks

If I have one it will be an efi one.

Hey Daiharris,would you happen to have an L700 dash cluster and body loom for a 2000 model ejde?

Sorry about the project :cry:
How much do you think it would cost to post the motor down to Sydney?