Rear disc brake conversion Sirion / YRV AWD

How to guide for disc brake conversion on a Sirion (M1) or YRV AWD rear axle.

Parts list;

  1. Daihatsu Applause rear brake calipers
  2. Daihatsu Applause rear brake discs
  3. Daihatsu Applause rear anchor plates
  4. Daihatsu Applause hand brake cables
  5. Daihatsu Applause rear brake hoses
  6. Some hard brake line/fittings
  7. Some scrap metal for brackets
  8. 2x 54.1mm to 56.1mm alu spacers
  9. 8x wheel studs (SMART part# 3714.28)


  1. Disassemble the rear drum brake assembly and remove the anchor plate and hard line on the trailing arms.
  2. Weld the 4 inner holes shut on the Applause anchor plate, grind flat.
  3. Use the drum-brake anchor plate as a template to mark and drill the new mounting holes. The flat edge of the plate should be on the top, parralell to the trailing arm and the caliper should sit at 3 o’clock. A large hole needs to be drilled at 10 oclock for the ABS sensor, and a smaller hole needs to be drilled and tapped for the mounting screw for the sensor (use the old anchor plate as reference for the distance from centre for sensor location).
  4. Bore out the centre of the anchor plate to prevent fouling on the inner race of the wheel bearing. Mount to differential housing using some silicone sealer on the differential housing flange.

  1. Use an M8 nut or a stack of washers as a spacer for the M6 sensor mounting bolt to achieve the correct placement of the sensor in relation to the ABS sensor ring.
  2. A pair of wheel hubs need to be made from the old drums, the outer section of the drums needs to be removed using a lathe. The chamfer on the drums is used as a reference.


  1. Once the drums have been machined down longer studs need to be installed to account for the thickness of the discs. Wheel studs from Smart car can be used, they are cheap and fit perfectly. During the process care needs to be taken not to damage the ABS sensor ring.

  1. Install the hubs onto the drive axle. The spacer between the wheel bearing and the hub need to moved to the outside of the hub between the hub and the nut. This moves the hub inwards so the disc doesn’t foul on the caliper saddle. Tightening torque for central nut: 50 Nm + 30-45°

  1. Fit the Applause discs with the 54.1mm to 56.1mm spacers to centre them on the hub.

  1. Fit the calipers. Tightening torque for brake calipers: 50 Nm
  2. A small L bracket needs to be made to hold the brake hose in place, this will bolt to the forward trailing arm bolt. A hard line also needs to be made to connect the 2 brake hoses

  1. The handbrake can be connected using cables fron the Applause, the only modification needed is to extend the threaded rod on the handbrake lever assembly by a few cm.


This is awesome . I knew the applause rear disc could be done on a awd sirion/ yrv etc so now it means that is could be done on an awd mira also. :slight_smile:

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Awesome post! Reading through these forums, there’s a few of you guys that really are a credit to this community, and autosport engineering in general!


Excellent write up. If one can’t find Applause calipers or needs a more powerful version then some Mazda MX5 rear calipers are pretty much the exact casting, albeit with a bigger piston. I’ve matched a set once when Copen fronts were fitted (yes bolted on and all spacing was the same) to an L200 and the balance was about right using the std bias valve. We thought they might be a bit much but could not find Applause at the time. I think it might have been EfiMira who figured it out, same guy who seemed to be the first to do EJDE into an L200 and he found L700 control arms allowed the M100 uprights too.