Rear Drum Compatibility

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Does anyone know if the new Copen (LA440K) rear drums are the same as the early model Copen (L880k) and/or the same as Sirion/Storia (M101) rear drums?

I can’t imagine Daihatsu re-inventing a number of different rear drum brake specs, so presume they’re all the same…there are some finned covers for the LA440K rear drums. Wondering if these are backwards compatible to a Sirion to retain drum rears - but add some extra cooling.


The 2005 Copen are showing up with a 180 mm X 38 mm shoe, can find a listing for the LA440K

Uuuuu, arrrhhh. Are they alu with a cast lining. I put 240z alu drums on my Datsun 1600 and they had iron lining shrunk fit inside. Would be nice and light.

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I’m not really sure - so much is in Japanese and/or translated to english.
Manufacturer: Hayashi Racing
■ Product: Al fin drum
■ vehicles: Copen
■ Model: LA400K
■ state: Used
order in February 2018, May delivery, mounted in June, out in September for the transfer Did.
Iron rust of the wheel and hub has moved.
No claim, no return, please.

Could always roll the dice!

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