Rear engine mount m100

Hey guys,

in workshop manual says i need a engine hoist or bar to hold engine while i do the rear engine mount, has anyone achieved this without a hoist/bar on the 2001 sirion m100?

IIRC its held in at 3 points, the hoist/bar recommendation is good because by removing one mount you risk the engine tipping as its only held in on 2 points.

I’d strongly suggest a crane or beam support, you might get away with 2 strong mates holding a scaffold tube chained to the engine but that feels sketchy AF to me!

Hiring an engine crane isn’t expensive, I hired one to remove the engine to change the clutch on my M100 and it cost me ~£40 for a long weekend from a local hire place

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Unusually use a wide block of wood under the sump and lift using a wheeled jack. But the standard jack from the boot will work too. Just remember your only supporting the engines weight to get the mount off and on.